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TPR Coated Dog Agility Tennis Ball

TPR Coated Dog Agility Tennis Ball

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Introducing our uniquely designed TPR Ball, crafted for endless fun and engagement for your canine friend. With its cool and practical design, this ball is not just a toy but an adventure in every bounce.

Easy-to-Pick-Up Design: The outer design of the ball is tailored specifically for canine play. Its structure allows dogs of all sizes to easily pick it up, ensuring a smooth play experience. Whether it’s for a game of fetch or solo play, this ball is designed for easy handling by your dog.

Unpredictable Bouncing Fun: Made with extra springy Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), this ball adds an element of surprise to playtime. It bounces in random, unpredictable directions, keeping your dog entertained and engaged as they chase and pounce, providing both physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Ideal for Small to Medium Dogs: This ball is perfectly sized for small to medium breeds. The dimensions and the material’s resilience make it a safe and enjoyable toy for dogs within this size range, ensuring they can play, fetch, and chew safely.

This TPR ball is more than just a dog toy; it's a fun-filled experience for your pet, keeping them active and intrigued. Its unique design and unpredictable bouncing patterns will make it a favorite for both you and your furry companion.

Dimensions: Small: 2.7" / Large: 3.5"

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