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Country Living Retro Army Motorcycle Plush Dog and Puppy Toy

Country Living Retro Army Motorcycle Plush Dog and Puppy Toy

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Get ready for action-packed playtimes with our Motorcycle Retro Action Toy, a toy that combines vintage charm with modern dog play needs. Inspired by WW2 army surplus stores, this toy is not just a plaything but a piece of art.

Custom Vintage Graphics: The front side of the toy boasts custom graphics inspired by WW2, digitally printed using non-toxic ink on durable canvas. This design not only adds a unique aesthetic appeal but also ensures the toy's longevity against vigorous play.

Comfortable and Cuddly: The backside of the toy is made from soft fleece, providing a gentle surface for your dog to cuddle with after a playful session. This combination of tough canvas and soft fleece caters to both the active and restful moods of your pet.

Interactive Play Features: Equipped with a strong rope, this toy is perfect for games of tug, encouraging interactive play between you and your dog. Inside, it contains crinkle paper and a squeaker, adding variety to your dog’s playtime with multi-sensory stimulation. The sounds mimic natural hunting scenarios, appealing to your dog’s instincts.

Ideal for All Sizes, Especially Medium to Large Dogs: Though it's suitable for dogs of all sizes, this toy is especially ideal for medium to large breeds. The size and construction are perfect for these dogs, providing a satisfying and safe play experience.

Toy Dimensions:

  • Size: 15.5" x 3" x 6.5"

Our WW2 Inspired Motorcycle Retro Action Dog Toy is more than just a plaything; it's a delightful blend of history, comfort, and fun, designed to keep your dog engaged, happy, and mentally stimulated.

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