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Enchanted Rainbow Magical Squeaker & Crinkle Plush Dog Toy

Enchanted Rainbow Magical Squeaker & Crinkle Plush Dog Toy

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Brighten your dog's day with our large 10-inch Magical Rainbow Plush Dog Toy, a blend of softness and engaging fun. Designed for both rest and play, this toy is ideal for the pup who loves a bit of everything.

Perfectly Sized for Play and Comfort:
Measuring 10-inch, this toy is perfect for dogs who need a comforting buddy or an entertaining playmate. Its medium pile plush body is filled with crinkle paper and heavily stuffed, providing an array of textures for more fun and satisfying chewing.

Engaging and Multi-Sensory:
Equipped with a squeaker and adorned in multiple rainbow colors, this toy makes playtime an exciting, multi-sensory experience. It's great for a variety of games, including light tug and toss, and is rated 2.5 out of 5 on the chew scale, catering to dogs who enjoy a softer chew.

Cuddle-Ready Softness:
When it's time to wind down, the extra-soft fabric of this Magical Rainbow toy makes it a perfect cuddle companion.
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