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Comprehensive 40-Pc Pet First Aid Kit for Travel & Safety

Comprehensive 40-Pc Pet First Aid Kit for Travel & Safety

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As pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping our furry fam safe and healthy at all times. That's why we've designed a well organized 40-Piece Pet Travel First Aid Kit to be a must-have for any pet parent who wants to provide the best care for their furry family while on the go.

Perfect for pet professionals, including pet sitters, dog walkers, and veterinarians who want to ensure that they are always prepared for any pet emergency. Packed in a durable and portable pouch that can be easily stored in a car, luggage or clipped to a leash or backpack.

This comprehensive first aid kit contains everything you need to quickly address a wide range of common pet injuries, including cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and more.

Kit Includes: Saline Solution, Plastic Syringe, Bottle Opener, 6pc Sting Relief Pad, PVC Glove (one pair), 4pc Gauze Pads 4x4, 4pc Gauze Pads 2x2, Medical Tape, PBT Elastic Bandage, Triangular Bandage, 4pc Cotton Buds, Scissors, 6pc Cleansing Wipes, Plastic Tweezers, Emergency Blanket, 2pc Tongue Depressor, Instant Ice Pack, Gauze Roll.

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