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Tail-Wagging Treats Cookbook

Created in partnership with Country Living, this tail-wagging dog treats cookbook is exactly what you need to make 6 delicious and nutritious recipes for your pup! Inside this free PDF download, you'll find the perfect training tidbits, cool snacks for hot days, gummy jigglers for healthy skin, hair, and joints, and festive holiday dog biscuits. Yum! 

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Hey, it's Danielle from American Pet Supplies!

My friends, Patti and Hilary from Hound Hugger DIY, and I teamed up with Country Living Life with Pets to create a special dog treat cookbook just for YOU. As devoted dog moms, we have spent years creating and testing healthy recipes for our furry taste testers and we're happy to share some of our all-time favorites with you!

Treats You Can Feel Good About

Want more reasons to make these all-natural, vet-approved dog treats?
  • Recipes are quick, easy, and feature ingredients you can feel good about! And you can control ingredient quality and tailor treats to your dog's specific dietary needs.
  • Whip up a batch of treats that are perfect for positive training sessions, meal toppers, or using with enrichment toys and puzzles, etc.
  • When you regularly bake homemade dog treats for your pup, the bond between you and your pup increases so much more than simply opening up a bag of commercial dog treats.
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